This morning I spent some time looking at some old articles on the Digett blog, and in the process ran across this one, which happens to contain what are likely the only public examples of my not-so-famous illustration skills. I don’t draw much, and I have no delusions that the illustration is at all professional. But you know what? I so enjoyed writing that post, largely because of the illustration component. I think I’m going to do more of it, and will, perhaps, include a category on this blog dedicated to illustration posts.

How often do we overlook simple things that bring us joy? Could it be possible that engaging in more of this could be the very path toward greater fulfillment in life? Do you ever find yourself repeatedly pulled toward something, and yet you repeatedly find ways to convince yourself those things are a waste of time? Whether they are or not I’m not prepared to argue. But I’d like to take a chance and invest a little time following some “trivial” passions of mine and see where they take me.